Four paddlers in two canoes took advantage of high waters in Lewis Creek and were able to paddle through grasslands and woodlands as well as Lewis Creek. Lewis Creek was blocked by some major felled trees about 1/2 mile upstream from the put-in on Long Point Road (off of Greenbush Road in Ferrisburgh).

We attempted to paddle southwest through the marsh to get to Little Otter Creek but could not plough through the reeds. We did not want to risk paddling westward into the open waters of Lake Champlain as we would be far from shore should we dump, and the water was still quite cold. The weather was perfect and we saw birds galore including osprey and an eagle and a heron. No turtles yet. Lots of beaver activity but no beavers greeted us.

Participants: Ted Albers trip leader with Gaige (a new paddler who did great in the bow) and John and bowman Dan.