The turn-out was much smaller than on most National Trail Days. Hot, muggy and buggy day! But the violent thunderstorms predicted never came, and a nice breeze kept the bugs away at the very end of the trip. A crew of 2 went through to Mt. Mayo with the chain saw, cutting trees and clearing waterbars. The other 4 of us clipped and cleaned some brush and small trees out of the trail. It was long day, but we got the major trail work done.

There were a lot of trees to cut–took more than one tank of fuel. If we had more people, we would have also clipped the south side of Mayo, as the adopter had not been able to do that due to all the trees he cut. His work meant we didn’t have to go all the way to Bolton Mt.

Participants: Joel Tilley, Christopher Morriss, John Penuncci, Nancy McClellan, Pam Gillis, John Sharp.