We started with 10 people, but one turned back almost immediately, and caught a ride back to Richmond, so we only had 9 on the hike.

We ascended the trail on the Haselton Trail to the Toll Road, and then took the Long Trail north to the Chin and eventually to Smuggler’s Notch.

At first the mountain appeared cloud covered, but when we reached the ridge it began to open up. Snow was noticed along the Toll Road. It was a beautiful walk to the Chin, and then 50 yards north for a quieter spot for lunch. (Many people were at the summit, some having come from the Toll Road parking lot, others having ascended one of the trails.)

After the challenging 500’ drop from the summit and then a brief visit to Taft Lodge, the long descent to the notch made for a very nice day. Views, ferns, and alpine plants seemed to be the highlights of the day. It was a great group of people with whom to share the day.

Participants – Carmen Trombley, Llyn Ellison, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Rudy Meiracker, Steve Mahera, Vicki Beliveau, Robert Riversong, Carlene Squires.