The trip was advertised as Bamforth Ridge, but at the last minute had to be changed to Monroe Trail. The weather forecast included rain starting in the morning, and a strong likelihood of lightning in the afternoon. (On Bamforth we would be in the open on the ridge, headed down, at 1 PM and 2 PM. So, we made the change to Monroe.)

We had set a fairly early start, so we summited by 10:30 AM in ‘not terrible’ weather – we could see as far as Bolton Mountain, but could not see Mansfield or Burlington. We had been rained on a bit as we went up, and then a bit more as we neared the cars on the way down.

As we headed back to Burlington, we saw that the summit had become clear, and the sun had come out. So much for the forecast. The predicted lightning and strong storms did come, but much later, around 8 PM. We could have done Bamforth, but this was obvious only in hindsight.

Participants – Robert Preisser, Scott Barras, Rich Larsen