We had a good-sized group for a Friday hike with uncertain weather. Five of the participants were locals who had hiked Mt. Abe before. We were joined by three out-of-staters (one person from South Carolina and two from Kansas) who learned about the hike via GMC’s website.

When we started out at the trailhead at Lincoln Gap, the top of Mt. Abe was in the clouds. By the time we made it to the top, the clouds had lifted so we had a view. We enjoyed lunch on the top and started down just as we heard some thunder rumbling in the distance. But, the rain held off and we made it down without getting wet.

As we were driving back to Chittenden County, the rain started coming down in buckets. But, then it stopped just as we pulled into Papa Nick’s in Hinesburg, where we had packed cars. It was sunny as we stood in line for our maple creemees at Papa Nick’s. The creemees were a nice ending to a good day.

Participants: Sheri Larsen, Rich Larsen, Bob Lang, Barb Capan, Kay Garrett, Susan Allen, Carmen Twombley, Rudy Meiracker.