One newlywed couple. A set of identical twin brothers. Two folks who just relocated from out of state. Three who want to relocate to Vermont’s Green Mountains. A reality TV series? High school class reunion? Cruise ship guests? No on all counts! The correct answer is the GMC’s Independence Day hike to Camel’s Hump via Burrows. The day started as a foggy one, but quickly burned off as the sun burst onto the scene for the 17-person hike up the trail.

One incredibly ambitious member had already made his way to the summit via Monroe, then descended via Forest City and met us right on time at the trailhead. (When he phoned me at 5:20 that morning to tell me his plans, I was in my pajamas watching the news and suddenly felt a little lazy…..)

What a fantastic day we had! Lots of laughs, the weather was superb, no bugs on the summit, four 4-legged companions joined the group and new friendships were forged. A perfect way to begin a holiday weekend.

Participants – Kathy Williams, Karen Amirault, Todd Pollak, Kevin Kelley, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Miguel Brosse, Mary Keenan, Phil Hazen, Dan Hinson, Walker Christie, Taylor Christie, Kelley Mackison, David Warren, Decla Noonan, Neil McCarthy. Trip leader: Robynn Albert.