A perfect low humidity day in the 70’s made this 5 mi (round trip) no sweat. We parked near the end of the Carse Road in Huntington (just below Maple Winds Farm, itself worth a visit) walked 1/2 mile down the access road (which, if followed, heads towards the Huntington gap) to the Beane Trail, then onto the Long Trail south.

The Beane Trail meets the Long Trail at Birch Glen Camp, a shelter in good condition. We walked up to the little Balcony and found it packed with Middlebury students on a freshman outing. I felt old – but only for a minute. We could see the Adirondack, the Green and the White Mountains, lake Champlain and of course looking straight ahead (north) Camels Hump.

Dot Myer, Brenda Ellis, Eric Adler, Ellen Murray, Ted Albers trip leader.