The trip leader needed to shorten the drive and the hike in order to have time to deal with a car purchase, so the hike was moved from Belvedere to Camels Hump. One potential participant dropped out with this move, so we ended up with three folks. The forecast for the day had been ‘iffy’, but as we headed up Burrows Trail the leaden skies seemed to lighten some, and any threat of rain disappeared. The top remained cloudy – and cool – but we did have some limited views for brief moments.

By noon, the crowds even started up, with more people taking advantage of the day. While driving back to Burlington (and avoiding the closed Richmond bridge), the Champlain Valley was actually becoming pretty sunny. As often is the case, the weather forecast had been inaccurate!

Participants – Peter Cottrell, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen Trip Leader