Oct. 11 (Sat) 2003
Foliage Hike to Silver Lake
Dot Myer
19 participants. Perfect weather. Fabulous foliage. Great trip. We enjoyed the Falls of Lana, the Lake, the trees, and lunch at the picnic ground. We did not enjoy the extra smelly outhouse! Over thirty people inquired about this trip. Nineteen actually came. One more and we would have divided into two groups, each going around the lake in the opposite direction. Actually we all followed the same route but separated naturaly into slower and faster groups. I guess this shows there is interest in easy hikes. Of course, the weather and an article in the Free Press also contributed to its popularity.

Nov. 1 (Sat) 2003
Little River Hike
Dot Myer
8 participants. We all enjoyed a leisurely hike on a warm summer-like day. We stopped to look at cemeteries, cellar holes, old farm machinery, and other remains of a nineteenth and early twentieth century settlement.