New Years Day Hike
January 1, 2006
Herm Hoffman
6 participants. A pleasant and easy trip to Taylor Lodge.

Jay and Big Jay
January 7, 2006
Phil Schlosser
5 participants. The day started at Jay Pass with subzero temperatures and howling winds. The steep climb up to Jay Peak helped us to warm up fairly quickly. After brief break in the tramway building we all climbed up to the summit where we were practically knocked over by the wind. The trip to Big Jay was mostly sheltered from the elements making for a very pleasant snowshoe trip along the ridge. It was a cold but fun winter day in the mountains. Participants: Phil Hazen, Suzanne Daningburg, Ursula Parnitzke, Jeff Euber, Phil Schlosser

Mt Ellen
January 8, 2006
Suzanne Daningburg
5 participants. The temperature was just cold enough to freeze over most of the wet spots on the Jerusalem Trail as we started out, and heavy, pristine snow clung to the branches in the open woods. Once up on the ridge we headed south and managed to lose – and find – the LT several times, turning parts of the hike into an unadvertised, mini-bushwhacking experience. When mid-day approached, we turned around shy of the summit, and retraced our snow shoe tracks into – and out of – the brush. Descending along the Jerusalem Trail early in the afternoon, we met a number of sledders heading up, who thanked us for packing down the trail. Participants – Mary Keenan, Gie Lee, Dot Myer, Phil Schlosser, Suzanne Daningburg.

Prospect Rock
January 22, 2006
Carlene Squires for Dot Myer
3 participants. The trip was originally scheduled for Laraway, which Carlene Squires agreed to lead in place of Dot Myer. A swollen stream prevented the hike from happening on Laraway, so it was moved to Prospect Rock. Participants – Carlene Squires, Linda Evans, Mary Keenan.

Wind Gap and Hump Brook Tent-site
January 29, 2006
Pat Collier
6 participants. We went from the winter parking lot to Couching Lion Farm, then used the Forestry and Dena Trails to Wind Gap. We went back to the Hump Brook Tent Site, then took the valley down to the north-south dirt road, and then to the Ridley Brook XC Ski Trail and back to the parking area. We had great views, and a fun day. Participants – Robin Cruz, Kathy Adams, Phil Hazen, Galen Wilkerson, Mary Keenan, Pat Collier.

Presidents Snowshoe
February 5, 2006
Phil Hazen
2 participants. The trip was ‘cancelled’ at the meeting point, because of bad weather. The leader then drove to the trailhead, just to be sure no one was there, and there was one such person – and the weather had improved. So, the trip proceeded, until the weather again deteriorated, and the trip was cut short. Participants – Herm Hoffman, Phil Hazen

Belvidere Mountain
February 11, 2006
Richard Larsen
10 participants. We started at the Route 118 LT crossing. This year has been a generally snowless winter, but there had been some snow on Belvidere earlier in the week. So, some wore snow shoes, some carried snoeshoes but never wore them, and some left the snow shoes in the car. It did not seem to matter – any method allowed reasonably easy walking. We followed the trail into the spruce forest, at which point the markings became obscured by snow and the trail lost in the blowdown. (The trail was lost, not the hikers!) We continued up and northeast, finding portions of the trail or just open paths, until we came to Belvidere Saddle, from which it was an easy hike to the top. The air temperature was about 10 degrees on top, but the summit had bright sun and no wind, so it felt quite warm. It was an excellent trip that took about 5 hours. Participants – Marc and Peggy Faucher, Cilla Kimberly, Jerry Lasky, Jenny Lynch, Phil Hazen, Rachel Moulton, Linda Evans, Sheri and Rich Larsen.

ADK Weekend
March 3-5, 2006
Patty Williams / Donna Leban
14 participants. The trip was held as planned. There was snow enough for backcountry skiing, but just barely. Many also did snowshoeing, as the higher elevation trails had plenty of snow.

Beginner Snowshoe
March 4, 2006
Wolfgang Hockenmaier
7 participants. The trip did not get much interest from the general club membership, but friends and family of the leader held the trip as planned, with 4 adults and 3 children joining the activity. The snow on the golf course was beautiful and plentiful, the weather was great, and the trip was a success.

Mt Abraham
March 25, 2006
Suzanne Daningburg
8 participants. Blue Skies, sunlight, brilliant snow and great summit views marked this hike from the Batell Trailhead. Participants – Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Dot Myer, Larry Levine, Phil Schlosser, Rachel Moulton, Suzanne Daningburg, and another participant.

Colchester Pond
April 2, 2006
Kathy Adams
5 participants. The trip was held as planned, on a day with beautiful weather.

Showshoe to Cooley Glen Shelter
April 7, 2006
Pete Saile
5 participants. Under mixed sun and clouds, we headed up USFS 201 at the junction of the Cooley Glen Trail. Just a tad of wet snow made us realize that this would be a snowshoe hike, especially as we approached the ridge and the junction of the LT. There is beautiful terrain here in the Breadloaf Wilderness, and we followed an old loggin g road of USFS trail along a babbling brook. Evidence was everywhere that Spring had sprung. Slowly we ascended the ridge with views to the south and west of Mt Roosevelt. Higher still afforded nice views of Mt Grant (3623’) and Mt Cleveland (3482’). A recent snow nicely capped all the peaks and ridges. Approaching the ridge we encountered about 1.5 feet of snow, so it was time to don the shoes and proceed to Cooley Glen. Several spots were observed where moose had rubbed their antlers on striped maples, probably in the rut last fall. Lunch was at the beautiful Cooley Glen shelter, a typical stick-built USFS shelter from 1965. We headed back under clouds, with a touch a rian developing as we neared the cars. Total roundtrip mileage was 6.5 miles. It was a great group. Participants – Anneliese Koenig, Rachel Moulton, Dot Myer, Karen Tyler, Pate Saile.

Rocky Ridge
April 9, 2006
Herm Hoffman
4 participants. The trip was held with mild temperatures, no snow, and beautiful views.

Map and Compass
April 22, 2006
Phil Hazen
5 participants. The trip was held as planned, in Essex, as a trip to Colchester Pond. It is reported that the team got lost on the roads walking to the starting point, but once that was sorted out they successfully navigated to the pond.

Woodward Mountain
April 29, 2006
Phil Schlosser
7 participants. This was the trip leader’s second try at this trail less summit after being thwarted by an early blizzard last fall. Despite efforts to avoid past mistakes the leader led the group into the same scrappy box canyon that doomed his last attempt. However with more benign conditions we were able to make it to the summit ridge and check out all of the high points to ensure we made the summit. Participants: Richard Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Phil Hazen, Kathy Adams, Phil Schlosser, plus 2 others

Trail Work
May 7, 2006
Pam Gillis / John Sharp
7 participants. LT clearing trip on section between Route 2 and the Bolton Notch Road. Many trees were down.

Bird Walk
May 8, 2006
Maeve Kim
5 participants. The trip took place as planned. It was drizzling a bit at the beginning but cleared up nicely. The participants walked the trails at Mud Pond in Williston. Surprisingly, there we not a huge number of birds to be seen, but the location and conversation were thoroughly enjoyed.

Summer Hiking Safety
May 10, 2006
Phil Hazen
6 participants. The activity was held as an evening meeting in the South Burlington EMS store, with Pete Antos-Ketchen as the speaker. Gear, hazards, and protection from the hazards, were discussed.

Trail Work
May 13, 2006
Pam Gillis / John Sharp
7 participants. Work party for LT clearing from Bolton Notch Road to the high point before Buchanan Lodge. Very rainy weather and many down trees that needed to be cleared.
Trail Work

May 21, 2006
Pam Gillis / John Sharp
7 participants. Trail clearing from Lake Mansfield to Mount Mayo. More trees than usual were down.

Trail Work
May 27, 2006
Pam Gillis / John Sharp
9 participants. Trail clearing on the LT between Butler Lodge and Taylor Lodge. Also tried to clear Clara Bow, but did not get all the down trees.

Little River State Park
May 28, 2006
Suzanne Daningburg
5 participants. We wandered through this historical area at a leisurely pace, and pause often to explore old cemeteries, remnants of house or barn foundations, and stone walls. Our circuit, which began at the Dally Loop Trail, had us back at the trailhead parking lot in about 2.5 hours. The names of the participants were not recorded.

Trail Work
June 3, 2006
Pam Gillis / John Sharp
Trail clearing from Eagles Nest to Puffer Lodge. The weather was constant rain, and there were many trees down.

Mount Mansfield Loop Hike
June 4, 2006
Richard Larsen
7 participants. This was a trip for die-hard hikers. From the trailhead at the State Park, to the top, we were always in a fog / mist / cloud. In a sense, it never really rained, but it always was wet. We planned to do a Sunset Ridge Maple Ridge Loop, but that seemed excessive given the weather. We went up Sunset Ridge, and most of the group went to the summit in spite of the howling wind and moisture. The group then voted to cut the loop short and go down Laura Cowles – which was quite exciting since the rocks were very wet. Everyone was careful, however, and we all got down unscathed. The total trip took 5 hours on the trail. Participants – Jenny Lynch, Peter Cottrell, Ed Blackwell, Phil Howard, Karen Vick, Matt Galloway, and Rich Larsen

Mt Abraham
June 11, 2006
Larry Levine
3 participants. We had a slightly rainy hike to the summit along the Battell Trail. The summit appeared to be covered in clouds, and we remained on the summit for about 1 minute, due to the chilly temps and wet conditions. Despite the wet conditions, it was a lovely hike. Participants – Liliane Siegac, Gary Shores, Larry Levine

June 17, 2006
Paul Houchens
7 participants. We had a beautiful day for the trip up King Ravine to the summit of Mt Adams. We all enjoyed the views and the great company as well as the chance to explore the caves at the base of the ravine.

Shelter Maintenance at Puffer
June 24, 2006
Linda Evans
6 participants. The group took the shortcut to Puffer, past the beautiful Olga Falls. The adopter carried a 40 pound bag of much up for the privy, and a few worked on replenishing the blazes. The shelter was in good condition. The weather was perfect. The group had lunch, and returned back down the mountain. Participants – Herm Hoffman, Phil Hazen, Rachel Moulton, Jeff Bostwick, John Connell, Linda Evans

Jay Peak via Long Trail
July 7, 2006
Pete Saile
6 participants, plus “Wonder Dog Maggie”. It was a nice cool morning as we headed north on the LT, stopping by to visit Jay Camp. There was a SoBo just packing up after having spent the night there. It was his first experience with the LT, and was hoping to do the whole trail – and seemed very happy on the trail. Our steady ascent seemed easy as we soon topped out to find Carmen perched on this nice flat cement spot, where we all regrouped and had out lunch. A steady breeze kept the summer bugs to a minimum. We had very good views of the new golf course being constructed this summer at Jay Peak. After the great views and a nice rest, we then headed down the main ski trails to the lodge where we had stashed a car. It was a very nice day to be out, and everyone seemed to enjoy. There is something relaxing about the northern sections of the LT, with fewer people, less noise – it seems more peaceful. It was an excellent beginning to a three-day weekend. Participants – Wendy Savoie (and Maggie), Rachel Moulton, Dot Myer, Carmen Trombley, Pete Saile, and Victoria (whose last name was not recorded.)

Mount Hunger and White Rocks
July 9, 2006
Dot Myer
3 participants – the weather was great, mostly sunny and cool. It was a good hike, and a bit challenging. We all enjoyed it despite differing speeds. Participants – Alan Wagner, John Brown, Dot Myer

Mt Abraham
July 22, 2006
Richard Larsen
12 participants. This trip was along the Long Trail north from Lincoln Gap, and returning. The weather report was predicting rain for the early PM, so the plan was that each person needed to be heading back toward the parking area at Lincoln Gap two hours after we started. The group was allowed to spread out over the well-marked trail. Ten people made it to the top of Mount Abe. Everything worked as planned. The group came back together again on the way down, and everyone was out within a 15 minute period – just as the rain started. Participants – Peter Cottrell, Pat Collier, Dot Myer, Phil Howard, Karen Tyler, Jed Riley, Mary Keenan, Debbie Marcus, Joann Melton, Frank Mercier, Sheri Larsen, and Rich Larsen.

Ampersand Mountain
July 30, 2006
Pat Collier
6 participants. It was a beautiful day to be in the mountains. From the summit of Ampersand, the six of us could see to Flowed Lands in the west, and to Whiteface Mountain in the east, as well as the high peaks south of there. On returning to the road, we walked 0.5 mile to Middle Saranac Lake to cool off. Participants – Dot Myer, Carmen Trombley, Frank Mercier, Rachel Moulton, Mary Keenan, Pat Collier.

Carter Dome and Mount Hight, NH
August 5, 2006
Suzanne Daningburg
2 participants. We met quite a few other hikers out enjoying one of the seasons best weather days. From Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail we followed Cater Dome Trail to Zeta Pass. From the summit of Mt Hight we admired the imposing Presidentials to the west, Carter Dome just south of us, and countless summits and miles of wilderness to the north and east. The Carter-Moriah Trail led us to the small clearing at the partially wooded summit of Carter Dome and we then descended the steep rocky section of this trail to the more northern of the Carter Lakes and Carter Notch, returning along the Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail. Participants – Carmen Trombley and Suzanne Daningburg

Blueberry Cobble
August 6, 2006
Dot Myer
5 participants. The weather was beautiful, the views great, and the blueberries very few. All had a good time. Participants – Rachel Moulton, Carmen Trombley, Lynn McNichol, Pat Collier, Dot Myer.
Mt Mooselauke

August 26, 2006
Richard Larsen
11 Participants. The trip utilized the Carriage Road on Mt Mooselauke, starting from a small road just off NH route 118, and heading pretty much due north along an old road. As advertised, the grades were easy to moderate, as we climbed 3100’ in a 5 mile hike (each way). The weather was good in the valley, but the clouds swirled around the peak, limiting views. It was a good walk up the mountain, with late-season flowers (aster, goldenrod, pearly everlasting, and turtlehead) lining the trail. Almost everyone made it to the summit. Participants – Jenny Lynch, Peggy Faucher, Peter Cottrell, Carmen Trombley, Pat Collier, Jim McDougal, Rachel Moulton, Tim Coughlin, Doug Ransford, Sheri Larsen, Rich Larsen

Mount Mooselauke
August 26, 2006
Richard Larsen
11 participants. We went up the Old Carriage Road from the south to the summit of Mooselauke. There were just a few other vehicles in the parking area, and we were not sure it we were in the right place, but we were, and up we went. The trail was wide and easy to follow the whole way. Since it had been a carriage road, the grade was never too steep. It took about 3 hours to the top. We lounged around on the summit for about 30 minutes as clouds swirled around, with humid air that seemed like it might want to thunderstorm – but it never did. The trip down was quicker, only being about 2 hours. There were typical fall flowers along the trail – goldenrods and asters, with some turtleheads thrown in for variety. Participants – Jenny Lynch, Peter Cottrell, Carmen Trombley, Pat Collier, Peggy Faucher, James McDougall, Rachel Moulton, Doug Ransford, Tim Coughlin, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen

Bamforth Ridge of Camels Hump
September 9, 2006
Richard Larsen
4 participants. This hike is normally 12.5 miles total, with over 4000’ of elevation gain, but we ended up shortening it to about 10 miles. With a deteriorating weather forecast, the expected number of participants dwindled rapidly, but we still had 4 hearty souls who showed up. Rain and thunderstorms were predicted for the PM, so we spotted a car at Couching Lion Farm, and then shuttled to the Bamforth Ridge trail head. We started up in a very light rain. This soon stopped, and we had clear weather for most of the trip up, which took a little over 4 hours. From the top, it seemed that the storms were coming, so we opted to go down Monroe. About half-way down, the rain and lightning arrived, but we were in the woods, and safe – just a bit wet. As we got to the bottom, the rain ended. Given the bad weather for the day, we managed to get in an appropriate hike. Participants – Ben Gordeski, Marie Badger, Anneliese Koenig, Richard Larsen

Mount Hunger and White Rocks
September 10, 2006
Dot Myer
3 participants. The weather was great, mostly sunny and cool. It was a good hike and a bit challenging. We all enjoyed it in spite of differing speeds. Participants – Alan Wagner, John Brown, Dot Myer.

Burnt Rocks (changed from Mt Ascutney)
September 30, 2006
Richard Larsen
4 participants. The trip was advertised as Mt Ascutney, but few people had signed up, and the leader had unexpected time constraints, so the trip was moved to Burnt Rock – closer to Burlington, and a shorter hike. The day was cool, in the 50s, and quite clear, except for some fluffy clouds over the peaks. We went up Hedgehog Brook Trail to the Long Trail, and then north to the summit. The only excitement was getting across the brook right at the beginning, which was high because there had been a couple of inches of rain the day before. Since we had an early start, we had the summit to ourselves, but by the time we got out the parking lot was full. The total trip was about 6 miles, and we spent 4 hours on the mountain, counting a leisurely stop at the summit. Participants – Mary Keenan, Carmen Trombley, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen

Prospect Rock and Roundtop Shelter
October 7, 2006
Dot Myer
10 participants. Perfect weather and brilliant foliage helped make this a very pleasant trip. The best foliage was overlooking the valley from the back of Roundtop Shelter. Half the group went on to the next road and back. Participants – Mary Keenan, Joanne Mellin, Carol Hignite, Jean Anderson, Carmenr Trombley, Lynn McNicol, Marie Badger, Susan Quart, Dot Myer, and Bruce.

Mt Mansfield Loop
October 8, 2006
Phil Hazen for Kathy Adams
3 participants. It was a great trip in great weather.

App Gap to Stark’s Nest
October 13, 2006
Pete Saile
7 participants. Brief trail description: From Rte. 17 (Appalachian Gap) , proceed South on LT to Stark’s Nest which is the ski hut atop the single chair lift @ Mad River Glen Ski Area. Proceed South on LT, taking the main ski trail down to Mad River Glen base area. Car parked here, 1 @ App Gap. Trip Write Up: Singer songwriter Beth Orton has a song titled “Concrete Sky” and Friday the 13th dawned just that. Actually, I stepped out on the porch Thursday night around 2130 to check on the weather and it was drizzling steadily – not to “rain on our parade” for tomorrow mornings’ hike, I thought. We assembled behind the Sheraton and then headed down through Huntington. App Gap was in and out of the clouds. We placed a car @ MRG and started hiking about 10:00 AM. A steady breeze blew at the gap and it was good to get into the lee side of the mountain. Views were quite clear as we ascended Stark Mtn. A bit of new snow was sticking mostly to the North side, and a nice contrast to the blue sky and distant views. The views looking North from just in front of Theron Dean shelter were spectacular!!! The Hump, and Burnt Rock, were due North, with the Wooster Range and Stowe Pinnacle very prominent to the NE, which made for a nice H20 stop and rest. We regrouped @ Stark’s Nest for lunch and were treated to wonderful views in all directions. Very prominent directly South is Mt. Ellen, with the ski trails of Sugarbush North showing up clearly. The Adirondacks were a bit hazy, but we could make out Dix, Whiteface and Giant. Stark’s Nest has a new metal roof and a new deck courtesy of Mad River Glen. This hut is actually maintained mostly by MRG folks, but is conveniently open and welcome for hikers. It’s clean and dry so it can be a very welcome sight in inclement weather. Eating lunch, Deb Lane said “hey, here comes someone”……..and it was then that the 7th hiker (Linda Evans) came striding along. Yes, I had forgotten to pick her up @ Richmond Park & Ride. She promises to come on another of my hikes only if I pacified her with homemade beer!! Regardless, Linda brought out a batch of Welsh Cakes, which were made with currants and truly to die for. Anyone who was anyone certainly tried 1 and what a perfect addition to lunch (both Linda and the cakes!). We took a picture and slowly made our way down. I’m thinking maybe I’ll call my Friday hikes the “Friday Women’s Hikes”, since I usually only get women to join in (not that I’m complaining!!). It was a great group and we had fun. Participants – Linda Evans, Carol Hignite, Deb Lane, Rachel Moulton, Carmen Twombley, Patti Williams, Pete Saile

Camels Hump
October 14, 2006
Phil Hazen
7 participants. We went up and back on the Monroe Trail, in good weather. Everyone had a good time.

The Jays
October 15, 2006
Dot Myer for Pat Collier
4 participants. We changed plans many times due to change of leader, hikers’ condition that day, snow on upper trails, and most important hunters being in the area. We decided that the Ausable Lakes area was the safest place to go. We hiked along the West River Trail, had lunch at the Flume, and came back out by the East River Trail. A nice day. Participants – Carolyn Elliot, Irena Case, Pat Collier, Dot Myer.

Lafayette Ridge, New Hampshire
October 21, 2006
Stark Biddle and Jane Walczykowski
2 participants. The listed trip leaders were the only people who expressed interest in the trip, but they went anyway, in pretty good weather, and had a good trip.

Signal Mountain
October 22, 2006
Phil Schlosser
5 participants. Signal Mountain is a very pleasant bushwhack in the Plainfield Range near Groton Vermont. We arrived at Noyes Pond to sunny skies and pleasant mid-fall temperatures. The early snow from the previous week provided us with pleasant footing on the way up and down the mostly open woods on this trail less peak. Participants: Joel Tilley, Lane Dunn, Chad Forcier, Kevin Williamson, Phil Schlosser

Green Mountain Audubon Center, Huntington
November 5, 2006
Suzanne Daningburg
4 participants. Damp fallen leaves lined gentle slopes on this fine autumn day as we wandered past beaver dams, admired hemlock stands and hopped across narrow brook crossings. A clear sky afforded great views of neighboring mountains as well as resident woodpeckers and blue jays. We paused at Lookout Rock before concluding our hike with a brief foray around the roped sensory area. Participants – Kristy Kenney, Moira Mac Donald, Phil Hazen, and Suzanne Daningburg

Nebraska Notch
November 10, 2006
Linda Evans
9 participants. The weather was decent for a November day – temperatures in the 40’s with the sun trying to peak through the heavy cloud cover. Nine of us followed the trail through Nebraska Notch and continued on to Taylor Lodge where we spent a while eating lunch and conversing. The woods were very quiet as the deer and the hunters were hiding in anticipation of the upcoming hunting season. Usually Pete Saile is the only male on our Friday hikes, but on this day we had two men, as Mike Banks joined us. We all agreed that the Friday hikes are delightful, and that we want more. Participants – Sara Burghoff, Lee Ann Banks, Mike Banks, Patty Williams, Barbara Howard, Pete Saile, Jean Anderson, Elise Eaton, Linda Evans.

Beane Trail to App Gap
November 12, 2006
Phil Hazen
3 participants. This trip was about 4-5 miles, and in the fog most of the way. Allowed participants to get a ‘side-to-side’ trail done!

Stowe Pinnacle
November 19, 2006
Herm Hoffman
7 participants. It was a foggy day, with no views.

Camels Hump
November 26, 2006
Phil Schlosser
5 participants. We did the Forest City – Long Trail – Burrows Trail loop. Conditions were summer like and we did not crampons or snowshoes or any other of the winter stuff that you usually need in late fall. The warm conditions allowed us to have a pleasant lunch on the summit. A strong group and good company made for an enjoyable day on of Vermont’s finest. Participants: Phil Hazen, Ken Austin, Bob Lang, Debbie Tirrito, Phil Schlosser

Camels Hump
December 10, 2006
Richard Larsen
9 participants. We went up the Monroe Trail from the winter lot, making a trip of about 4 miles each way. New snow had fallen Thursday, and the trail seemed pretty much unbroken, with 2” to 9” of powder in various places. Snowshoes were not needed and were not used. It took us a little over 3 hours to the summit, then 2.5 hours down, for a total time of 5 ¾ hours. Two had to turn back at the hut clearing because of time constraints. The very top had ice-on-rock, high winds and almost no snow – typical for Camels Hump in early winter. Most used crampons, ‘yak-traks’, or ‘stabil-icers’ in the upper portion. The day was generally cloudy, with a temperature of 20 degrees at the hut clearing. Participants – Cilla Kimberly, Jerry Lasky, Barry Goodman, Peter Cottrell, Robert Riversong, Eric Jenness, Karen Tyler, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen.

Bolton Notch Road to Buchanan Lodge
December 16, 2006
Herm Hoffman
5 participants. The temperature was in the 40s, with no snow. The leader and Linda Evans also took the opportunity to do shelter inspection, which revealed some animal biting the bench, the log-book had been eaten by a mouse, and a large mouse nest was found on the floor of the outhouse.

Devils Gulch
December 30, 2006
Bob Chaperon
7 participants. We were lucky. It snowed all day, so we were able to snowshoe for the first time this year. Participants – Dot Myer, Linda Evans, Larry Levine, Robert Riversong, Rachel Moulton, Sherry Davis, and Robert Chaperon.
Other successful 2006 Outings

Trip, date, leader, participation
* Yoga Snowshoe Feb 4 Matthew Walker 3
* Water Everywhere Feb 19 Pat Collier
* Mt Abraham Feb 26 Larry Levine
* Wildflower Walk May 6 Carol Chapman 11
* Colchester Pond May 11 Mary Lou Recor / Chris Hanna 6
* Tongue Mountain May 20 Pat Collier
* Lincoln Gap to App Gap Sept 16 Larry Levine 5
* Roster Comb Nov 4 Pat Collier 3
* Ausable Lakes Nov 10 Pat Collier 3
* Bald Mountain Nov 25 Bob Chaperon 2
* Berrymill Flow Dec 3 Pat Collier 3
* Burnt Mountain Dec 10 Mary Lou Recor / Chris Hanna 6