October 14, 2007
Mount Hunger / Stowe Pinnacle Loop
David Hathaway

4 participants. After meeting at 8:30 at the Richmond commuter lot, we drove to Stowe
Pinnacle parking and dropped Rich’s car, and we all took the car of Ursula McVeigh (who joined us for the first part of the hike, up Mt. Hunger) to the Mt. Hunger parking area. We started out around 9:45, and as we approached the top of Mt. Hunger we began to encounter light snow, and met several people who warned us of winds up top. The summit was indeed windy, with blowing snow, but the snow never accumulated, and the winds subsided as we got into the trees along the ridge. We continued along the ridge
line, eating lunch about halfway along, and then descended out of the snow from Hogback to Stow Pinnacle and back to Rich’s car at around 3:15. All in all, a pleasant first “winter” hike of the season. Participants – Richard Larsen, Jerry Lasky, Ursula McVeigh, David Hathaway

October 20, 2007
Work hike to Taylor Lodge
Linda Evans

5 participants. This trip attracted five other participants. It was a rousing success. We cut a few trees which had been threatening to land either on the roof of the shelter or on some unsuspecting hiker asleep on the tenting platform. Cleared the debris and checked the privy again (there’s plenty of wood shavings now!). The weather was unseasonably warm and mild, but the trails were quite wet after the downpour we received the night before. Participants: Linda Evans (leader), Phil Hazen, Jean Laverdure, John Connell, Dot Myer.

Camel’s Hump
October 21, 2007
Suzanne Daningburg

10 participants. Amber, scarlet, copper colors meshed with bright blue skies and temperatures more common in August than late October, to produce a perfect hiking day. Leaves crunched underfoot as we enjoyed the lovely Monroe trail, meeting quite a few other hikers. The summit offered 360 degree views, and a fine opportunity to discuss and point out the locations of various distant and not-so-distant mountains to one another: some of the NH Northern Presidentials to the east, Mt Ascutney to the south, Mt Marcy to the east in the Adirondacks, and Bald Mt almost a stone’s throw to the northwest. Then we settled behind a couple of rock faces to lessen the wind, while we enjoyed lunch. Participants: Nancy Bradford, Suzanne Daningburg, Todd Haas, Jennifer Jany, Mary Keenan, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Dot Myer, Laura Roberts, David Steckel.

October 26, 2007
Mount Abraham by the Battell Trail
Pete Saile

4 participants. Between Rich and myself, it seems we must have worn out the trails in the Abraham area this summer, eh Rich? Anyhow, weather was beautiful as our rather small group of FRIDAY hikers left the trailhead at the Battell Trail. With most of the leaves gone, visibility was very good and as we ascended, views of the Adirondacks and Lac du Champlain were superb. There was a huge reflection coming from near Killington Peak which we determined must have been the top of the gondola. Several gliders and their planes were down in the Warren area and that was fun to watch and hear. Lunch on top and views in every direction were had. Rachel learned how to drive our Prius as I was a tad late for a teeth cleaning appointment and she even volunteered to shuttle Roger back to Richmond Park n’ Ride. Couldn’t have made it without you, Rachel!!! Everyone had a nice hike and it was good to get out. Participants – Roger Crouse, Rachel Moulton, Laura Roberts, Pete Saile

Mt. Ellen, VT
Suzanne Daningburg

6 participants. The Jerusalem Trail was covered with wet fallen leaves and this either made for a lovely, soft, cushy padding underfoot or hid all manner of treacherous roots and rocks. Both opinions prevailed in our group. Even more opinions got tossed about when we talked politics! As we climbed, the leaves gave way to hard bare dirt, some rocks and a few icy patches. The LT, with no snow on the ground, made itself obvious as we hiked along the ridgeline. After standing for a few minutes around the cairn at the wooded summit, we headed back and ate lunch on the expanse of rocks that provided a view of the valley and Lake Champlain to the west. A great autumn hike of 8.4 miles! Participants – Marie Badger, Mary Keenan, John Kenne, Jean Laverdure, Jack Lutz, Suzanne Daningburg.

Audubon Center
Dot Myer

5 participants. This trip was almost canceled, but two people signed up at the last minute. We had a nice hike in nice weather with snow on the ground. We saw a beaver dam, beaver lodges, and trees cut down by beavers. We’re not sure if we saw a beaver or not; we saw something moving in the water but it was too far away to be sure whether it was a beaver. We did not wait until dusk when more beaver might have been out. Participants -Andrea Houlihan, Sam Houlihan (7 years old), Dot Myer

Linda Evans
Hike to Beaver Meadow Lodge

3 participants. The hike to the Lodge was via the Beaver Meadow Trail in Mud City area of Morristown. We didn’t have enough snow to warrant snow shoes but the temperatures and flurries in the air certainly spoke of winter. Beautiful views of Whiteface Mountain. This was trip leader’s first time on this trail but it has already become one of her favorite trails, to be visited over and over again. It’s quiet (shhh, don’t tell anyone), it’s gentle yet still has a few challenges, and the views from this natural glaciated bowl are understated but spectacular. Two highlights of the trip: the U-turn we made when we spotted a coffee shop in Johnson that can’t be missed (my bumper sticker should say: Caution, this vehicle makes sudden and erratic stops for coffee), and the second noteworthy event were the dingleberries stuck to the bottoms of our trousers at the end of the hike. Officially the first entry of the Side-to-Side Series. Participants: Pete Saile, Rachel Moulton, Linda Evans (trip leader)

Linda Evans
Hike to Belvidere Mountain
6 participants. This hike up Belvidere was via the Forester’s Trail. Second in our Side-to-Side Series. Most people ask me: what’s a Side-to-Side? Well, some of us aspire to hike the complete Long Trail. I’ve done that so my next goal (among others) is to hike all the side trails that connect to the Long Trail. And Forester’s Trail in Lowell serves the purpose. Weather in most of Northwest Vermont was rainy and just plain yucky, but a heavy wet snow had blanketed the northeastern hills of Vermont. We made first tracks in the heavy stuff. (Thanks to the big burly fellas who volunteered to do this!) Lots of stream crossings made this otherwise easy trail slightly challenging. Once we arrived in the alpine zone, the blue blazes disappeared under the heavy snow-encrusted spruce. But as another well-healed peak bagger once told me when scaling Belvidere from the other side: “As long as you’re heading up hill, you’ll get to the peak.” So we tarried on, took a couple of false paths, almost lost Gie in a spruce trap, finally making it to the top. Success! No casualties and everyone had a good time. Participants: Ken Austin, Rachel Moulton, Dot Myer, Gie Lee, Patrick Burke, Linda Evans (trip leader)

Carlene Squires
Laraway Mountain

3 participants. We parked at the last house, since the road to the winter parking area had not been plowed. The rain had stopped momentarily. The snow was soft and sticky and soon began to pack into the crampons. It soon began to rain again. The blazes were difficult to find. The consensus of the group was to go to the ice-covered cliffs and turn back. The rain stopped and the sun came out. We all agreed that we got a good workout. Participants – Jenny Lynch, Andy Squires, Carlene Squires.