Hi Trip Leaders – please send a trip report with all your photos. Thanks
9/11/11 – Sterling Pond
Great weather has partially dried out the Long Trail from the Smuggler’s Notch Picnic Area through Elephant’s Head trail to Serling Pond. The walk down the Sterling Pond Trail to Rt. 108 had plenty of water on it and several of hikers who looked wet and muddy in their sneakers. Some erosion from the rain is evident in places on this trail. Sterling Pond was spectacular and there were many visitors. The GMC caretaker Hillary was busy greeting visitors and taking notes… is she writing a book?
With Mary Keenan, Bruce Bassett and trip leader Ted Albers.

Heidi, GMC Caretaker, Sterling Pond 9/11/11

Ted, Sterling Pond, September 2011

Ted, Sterling Pond, March 2011

8/27/11- Hike up Mount Hunger
A few days before the hike, I was looking at the forecast and wondering if we would be able to do the hike before Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont. Fortunately, the weather goddesses cooperated and we had a nice day for our hike up Mount Hunger. We started out about 9:15 a.m. and made it to the top before many more hikers took to the trail in advance of the big storm. We were rewarded at the top with good views and very little wind and enjoyed an early lunch. We also ran into a group of five Burlington section members who were doing a Mount Hunger/Stowe Pinnacle loop hike. On the way down, the three participants helped look for mushrooms so the trip leader could take photographs. A good outing was had my all! Trip Leader: Sheri Larsen; with Margaret Benn, Bruce Bassett, (photos by Sheri Larsen)

8/20/11- Sterling Pond
Nice hike yesterday. Went up to #108 overlook for lunch, then around the pond. Congenial group. They loved the lunch spot. Rachel Moulton, Andy Squires, Marlene Price, Patty Williams, Jean Anderson, Katy Wrigley, Lee Wrigley, Leader: Russ Kinaman

8/7/2011 – Mt. Mansfield – Nebraska Notch
Hot, humid day but a nice hike. Cooler in the woods. Congenial group. Trip leader: Russ Kinaman Participants: Anne Judson, Tim Parsons, Jean Anderson

July 31st – Blueberry Cobbles
We had pleasant (not too hot) weather and a good hike. There were plenty of blueberries and we stayed at the top for almost two hours.
Rachel Moulton, Mary Hennesy, Maddie Monat, Leader Dot Myer ( 4 people and 1 Bernese Mountain Dog)

7/16 – Mt. Abraham
Beautiful, warm and sunny day. Nice hike. A bit hot in the sun. Low 80’s. Leader: Russ Kinaman, Lee Wrigley, Katie Wrigley, Rob Selvaggi, and Mary Keenan

July 2, 2011 – Camels Hump via Bamforth Ridge, Rich Larsen leader.
9 participants officially, with 3 others who were going to ‘try it’ independently. We scheduled a hike up Bamforth Ridge to the summit of Camels Hump, and returning – 12.5 miles, and about 4400’ of up and down when you consider the various ridge-points. The hike was listed as ‘difficult-plus’, and the difficult-plus rating plus the long weekend seemed to be a magnet for people to try the hike. Nine people with good hiking credentials expressed an interest, in addition to a group of three enthusiastic hikers with less experience. These last three were not accepted on the trip, but came as their own trip, with an agreement that they would take care of themselves if they did not keep up. The weather turned out to be good for hiking, with a cloudy morning keeping the temperature down while we were exerting to go up. We headed up at a respectable pace, not overly fast, but the initial 1000’ climb made it clear that two of the ‘other group’ would not keep up. (The last of the ‘other group’ turned back at about the midway point.) All of the ‘official participants’ headed to the top, but it did take a long time – 4 1/2 hours up. Maybe we are getting old. The clouds had cleared, and it was a fine day. We stayed on top to take in the views, then headed down after about 15 minutes, needing another 3 ¾ hours to get down. (We did stay in cell-phone contact with the other group, and verified that they did all get out an hour or so before us.) We were on the trail from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, about an hour longer than had been hoped. Official Participants – Scott Springer, Phil Hazen, Grace King, Michael Shaw, David Hathaway, Marc Faucher, Peggy Faucher, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen

July – Banforth Ridge

July – Lincoln Gap to Appalachian Gap
Liz Tang, Bruce Bushey, Dick Petit, Chris Farnham, Pete Saile ( Trip Leader )
Under perfect conditions the 5 of us headed North @ 0912. Weather couldn’t have been better. Views from Lincoln and Cutts Peaks were a bit hazy in the distance, but it didn’t seem to be an issue. Met up with several LT thru hikers. Trail was in great shape. We stopped @ Stark’s Nest for a nice break and to take in the breezes blowing up General Stark Mtn. Came out of the woods @ App Gap right around 1700 hrs, as Dick had predicted. Following are quotes from the hikers:
Liz ( radiology resident from Boston ) : ” Definitely worth the drive from Boston, great treats to eat and drink @trail’s end, what a way to start my vacation ”
Bruce: ” Enjoyed being back on the Monroe Skyline ”
Dick : ” I promise to eat 1 banana / day “..yeah right, his wife said in 44 years of marriage, she’s NEVER seen him eat a banana “!! Loves his cheeseburgers, though.
Chris: ” I’m in training for a triathon in 3 weeks ” She’ll do fine, I’m sure.
Pete: ” Perfect weather, great company and always a treat to hike the Monroe Skyline ” Thanks Liz for that Luna bar – estrogen and all!!!! I suspect the low turnout was dependent on the fact that I didn’t see any published notification in 7 Days or the Free Press. What happened here?

June 26 – Camel’s Hump –
Nine strong hikers and three dogs started out from the winter parking lot for the Monroe Trail. Once we reached the Dean Trail intersection we followed it to Wind Gap. There we met some friends Patty Williams and Sally Rice passing through. We then began the difficult climb on the Long Trail up Camel’s Hump. There was mist in the air and the summit was socked in. On top we met Josh the caretaker for the summer season and the Ukrainians Valentyn and Vasyl who are visiting on a grant to learn the many aspects of the GMC. Hikers include Carlene and Andy Squires, Wendy Savoie, Phil Hazen, Kathy Adams, Ryan Bean, Rudy Meiracker, Lynda Hutchins, and Terri Wilson. Dogs include Callahan, Maggie, and Trevor.

June 19 – Mt. Grant via the Cooley Glen Trail
It could not have been a more beautiful day. The 10 of us, plus 3 dogs, started the hike with sunny skies and 55 degree weather. The gradual incline allowed us to keep a steady pace following the crystal clear stream through the woods to the Long Trail. We stopped for a brief snack at the Cooley Glen Shelter and then continued on to the summit of Mt. Grant. Mt. Grant offers seasonal views (rather than sweeping views) to the south looking at Killington and Pico. At the summit, we enjoyed chocolate chip cookies from both Kelley and Carlene, 70 degree temps and sunny skies. What a treat for June in Vermont. There were virtually no bugs and a perfect light breeze to accompany the beautiful clear blue sky. After soaking up the view and sun, we made our way back to the trail head for a 5 hour roundtrip, perfect day hike.
Leader: Kelley Christie and her dog Trigger and guest dog Hadley.
Other Participants: Taylor Christie, Larry Gagne, Carlene Squires, Andy Squires and their dog Callahan, Ryan Bean, Cindy Taska, Heather Winther, Mary Keenan

6/18 Mansfield Trails
All went well until we arrived just below the Chin. Thunder light and very large hail stones. We had to go back to shelter and wait the storm out. After storm we selected a shorter route down because of the amount of water. We all give Lynda credit for saving our lives because of present suggestion we find shelter. As always all enjoyed the adventure. Present Chad Orne, Chris Rice, Bruce Bassett, Rob Selvaggi, Lynda Hutchins. Trip leader, Lee Wrigley

June 6th Montclair Glen
We had a nice hike to Montclair Glen and beyond to the beaver ponds and the Allis trai. It was a nice day – not too warm and not too cold.
Participants: Jean Cannon, Carol Hignite, Ormand and Denise Mongeon, Lee and Katy Wrigley, Dot Myer.

May 30 – Laraway Loop
We all met at the Cambridge park & ride a little before 8:30, took two cars to the Davis Neighborhood Trail trailhead, and started hiking by about 9 AM. Weather was partly cloudy and pleasant, but the trails were all very wet. We took the long impassable (to cars) and washed out section of Codding Hollow Road to the Long Trail crossing, and then started up the Long Trail. We were a little slow heading up as some folks were still getting in shape for the hiking season, but no one had any problems with it. When we reached the traverse below the rock face there was a lot of water coming down the from above, and we had occasional showers (cooling and welcome) as we weaved our way along through them. We stopped at the lookout for lunch, where even with the breezes and reapplication of bug spray the black flies were pretty fierce. We then continue up to the summit ridge, which was even wetter. then down to Corliss Camp, the inside of which was mysteriously but welcomely bug-free. After a short rest there we continued down Davis Neighborhood Trail to the cars, finishing at about 2:45.
Participants, Mike Harrison, Jennette Harrison, Marjan Schugar, Roger Lindala, Stephanie Kossmann, Ryan Bean.

May 22 – Stark’s Nest
Hiked up the access road of Mad River Glen Ski Area amid meadows of wild flowers and views of early Spring shades of green. Warm and somewhat humid. Gnats warranted bug spray and sun warranted sun screen due to open ski trail. 9 participants including leader Russ Kinaman, and Phil Howard, Marge Petit , Marjan and Harvey Schugar.

May 21 – Spring Trail Work
Leaders: Pam Gillis and John Sharp
Other participants: 11
Cleared the Long Trail from Butler Lodge to Taylor Lodge and the Butler Lodge Trail and Nebraska Notch Trail. Several trees were down, but trail was in pretty good shape. The rain held off until the very end (most folks having drinks by the cars and the last ones hiking out)! Several new trail workers!
Participants: Forrest Aldrich, Dot Myer, Greg Veltkamp, Jeff Wehrwein, Michelle Connor, Jaclyn Marcotte, Rick Manning, Colin Whitehouse, Louanne Nielsen

May 15th – Bird Walk
The 5/15 GMC bird walk had to be postponed because – no surprise this spring! – it was pouring rain. On 5/22, five of us walked the trails at Crane Brook Conservation Area in Underhill Center. Everyone got great looks at a singing and calling Veery, both male and female Common Yellowthroats, and a glorious singing Black-Throated Green Warbler. We all listened in amazement to the long, trilling song of the tiny Winter Wren. Other birds heard or seen: male Indigo Bunting, Mourning Doves, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Red-eyed Vireo, American Crow, Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Brown Creeper, Wood Thrush, American Robin. Chestnut-sided Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, American Redstart, Ovenbirds, Song Sparrow, Common Grackle and American Goldfinch. Participants were Maeve (leader), Karl, Jean, Doug and Mary.

Spring Trail Work, May 14, 2011
Leader: Pam Gillis
Other participants: 10
Cleared the Long Trail from Bolton Notch Road to Harrington’s View and also down to Buchannan Lodge. Occasional light rain, not a problem. Not many trees down, but one chain saw stopped working. Phil Hazen finished that cut. We also replaced the door on the privy at Buchannan Lodge.
Participants: Forrest Alrich, Dot Myer, Christopher Morriss, Jeff Wehrwein, Rick Manning, Linda Evans

Spring Trail Work, May 7,2011
Leaders: Pam Gillis and John Sharp
Other participants: 10
Cleared the LT Jonesville to Bolton Notch Rd. Lots of trees down. Used up gas in both chain saws and need to get back to finish. Beaver Pond is very difficult to cross. Nice weather and new trail workers!
Participants: Jim Talbot, Erin Needham, Joanne Mellin, Joel Tilley, Rob Fitzgerald, Forrest Alrich, Marty Morrissey, Colin Whitehouse, Steve Ward

May 1st – Snake Mountain
We had a nice hike in perfect very warm weather, with a good view and lots of wildflowers although not the variety seen on the Niquette Park the day before. We stopped for maple creamees on the way home. Participants: Carolyn Elliot, Lee Wrigley, Katy Wrigley, Ormand Mongeon, Denise Mongeon, Leader: Dot Myer