12/23/12 Camel’s Hump via the Burrows Trail
A couple days before the hike, I told people that it was hard to predict what equipment we would need on the hike and asked everyone to bring both microspikes and snowshoes. Although it didn’t snow much in the valley before the hike, there was a lot of snow on the mountain. Only a couple of people had gone before us that morning and the trail was not packed down. Therefore, we all put on snowshoes at the trailhead and used them for the entire hike. (Those that followed us hours later thanked us for packing down the trail, since most did not have snowshoes.) It was quite cloudy, so when we got to the top it was a white-on-white landscape. (The only color was the clothes that people were wearing.) And, since it was very windy, we did not linger and had lunch at the clearing below the top. The hike going down was enjoyable, especially since the trail was packed and it was a bit warmer than when we started up the trail. Everyone made it out just fine. Trip Leader: Sheri Larsen Participants: Rich Larsen, Dan Hildebrand, Chuck Bond, Judy Bond, Phil Hazen, Cathy Tilley, Lynda Hutchins. Photos: Sheri Larsen!




12/15/2012 Monroe Trail to Camels Hump
Eight of us met at the Monroe Trail head, from several directions. The day was clear and comfortable. There was little snow and plenty of ice on the way up. The required microspikes made for a safe and easy trip. Camels Hump was calm, cool and collected; incredibly clear from the Adirondacks to the Whites. After a lengthy lunch we continued south to the Alpine Trail; not without wondering, where in the hell is Phil? While we were calling for Phil, we heard someone, apparently calling for a lost dog. We finally spotted Phil, with a dog; returning the lost dog, Phil stayed with us for the rest of the trip.
Trip Leader: Darryl Smith
Attendees: Phil Hazen, Ray Benoit, Vince Broderick, Susan Trottier, Maria Cabri +1 and Cathy Tilley
Photo by Phil and Darryl
12-15-2012 CH1

12-15-2012 CH2

12-15-2012 CH3

12-15-2012 CH4



12/9/12 Whiteface Mtn. trip report
Due to the impending winter-like predictions for the original date of this outing (day before) I decided to postpone until Sunday. And what do you know….Saturday ended up being not the snowy, sleety, rainy day we were expecting..oh well, the only bummer is two GMC members, Jim Pease and Mark Blanchard, could not make the “new” date due to previous commitments.
So six (6) of us headed to the trailhead. Quite a few cars in the lot (it was assumed they were hunters taking advantage of the last day of muzzle loader season) and hey, a brand spanking new sign. Very nice and welcoming! The first two-thirds of this ascent quite frankly is not the most exciting. Old logging road, very flat, very wooded, nothing to view. The big advantage, though, is you travel more so as a group, being tighter where everyone is pretty much walking at approx. the same pace, making for many opportunities for group conversations. Justin was the “newby” of the group as the rest of us have either known each other for a while in one capacity or another. He has hiked in the Greens before and wanted to explore being with a group as opposed to solo. I told him from the start he could run at any point, but being the trooper he was, he stuck with us!!
The day was predicted to be sunny but truth be told, if you did not hit it “just right”, the views were less than spectacular, as it was quite foggy and cloudy. Of course that did not dampen the spirits of the trekkers!! Stopped at the shelter for a bit, then headed to the summit, at first thinking we were headed in the wrong direction so went to Plan B, a loop rather than up and down. Moments later we figured we really were on the right course, wadda ya know! Hit the summit and if you stepped just a bit off it on a little outcropping, you could catch brief glimpses of Mansfield between the fast moving clouds. Back to the shelter we went, then made an “executive decision” to truly make it an out and back and not attempt a loop over Morse, etc. More eats and a bit of movie quotes trivia with Andes mints as prizes to the winners! Yeh!
Thanks for adjusting your plans, folks, from one day to the other and Jim and Mark, we’ll catch you another time.
Trip Leader: Robynn Albert Photo Credit: Robynn Albert and Ted Albers
Hikers: Phil Hazen, Justin Siegel, Lynda Hutchins, Ted Albers, Bill Moore
Editor: I have no clue why the two bottom photos wont scale larger. Sorry! Ted





12/1/12- Big Slide/ Three Brothers trip report
A family affair plus Phil is how I describe this day’s outing! I like to lead one or two hikes per winter in my old stomping grounds of the Adirondacks. Growing up in Elizabethtown (E’town, really), the Adks. are near and dear to my heart. Always love going back to the trails…..here was our fantastic day on the other side of the pond:
Since Phil and I live fairly close to one another, made lots of sense to meet and take one car, of course, and even more sense that Phil drove, as I am convinced he is a closet race car driver wannabe….we headed out of town at around 7:15 am, made our way across the now not-so-new bridge (but it’s still a thrill to drive over), made one pit stop at the Stewart’s in Port Henry, then headed to Keene Valley. It’s a good thing we decided to meet at 9:15 am. The Garden trail head lot was nearly 70% full, meaning great minds think alike for a day in the mountains! My father Bob traveled a bit down the road from his home just south of Plattsburgh and cousin Jason drove up from the other direction near the Albany area.
Strange to say but we actually headed out “backwards” from what hikers might normally do, meaning we headed to Big Slide first, then completed the day with Brother 3, then 2, then 1….not a lot of snow (maybe 6″ at the most), little ice and microspikes were a necessity. Brook crossing was the norm many, many times making for having your eyes peeled and your pole in its proper place a must-do action. Just before you hit the summit, there is a walkout where you are standing very near the “big” slide which is much larger than its namesake summit. Quite windy, snapped a couple of pics then headed down. Stopped at the trail junction before heading towards the Brothers and Jason forced us (can you believe it??) to try a bit of whiskey a friend from Albany gave him who is part of the first legal distillery opening in NYS since prohibition! Yummmy!!!
Shortly after we got going again, the four of us became pretty stretched out on the trail and the sun was setting fast, darkness looming. Jason could not wait to use the headlamp that his wife Leah gave him for his birthday in August. Phil was so far ahead of us on the descent (oh, I forgot to mention earlier….he ran into someone he knows from the Adk. Mtn. Club, go figure!), he thought he’d be really funny and hide behind a tree and scare at least one of us (which he did!) just before the trailhead. We did end up turning our head lamps on about the last 15-20 minutes of the hike.
Not sure if there was anything special about being Canadian and not being in your country on Saturday, but trail greetings in French far outweighed our native tongue. Very cool to have our neighbors to the north enjoy our scenery as much as we do.
And or course, what’s a trip to the Keene Valley area without a trip to the Noonmark Diner! We parted ways at the stroke of 6 pm and all made it home safely, fulfilled with that good kind of tired that comes with a good day in the mountains followed by good food!
Trip Leader: Robynn Albert
Photo Credit: Phil Hazen and Robynn Albert
Hikers: Bob Albert, Jason Farrell, Phil Hazen
Big Slidedec12012jasonsteps2

Big Slidedec12012lowerwolfjaw

Big Slidedec12012philjasonsteps


Big Slide2dec12012philjason
A few more..https://picasaweb.google.com/103155587463552336014/BigSlideThreeBrosGMCOuting

11/25/12 Mt. Mansfield Forehead via Nebraska Notch/ LT
Well, the “working off the turkey” description convinced six (6) folks to get out on Sunday and do just that! We met at the trailhead at 8:30 am with quick intros and then up Nebraska Notch trail we headed. Turned left onto the LT, Butler Lodge being our first destination stop. Stopped at the lodge for quick eats, then on our way to the Forehead via Wampahoofus. Fred and Jean decided they were not prepared to further the outing with the group, so headed back to the trailhead via the BL trail. Now at five, we headed for the very windy Forehead! Secured a bit of shelter, and made the decision to head to the Visitor Center, then our descent would be the Forehead Bypass, BL trail, then trailhead. A bit of a discrepancy on what the total mileage ended up being as we went a bit further than originally anticipated. Got back to our vehicles at 3 pm. Ice here and there, little snow but microspikes were a must. A good day of fresh air was had by all! Trip Leader: Robynn Albert Photo Credit: Phil Hazen; Hikers: Laurelae Oehler, Larry Gagne, Phil Hazen, Fred Royce, Jean Cannon, Dave Hathaway P1030340P1030338P1030339P1030348P1030342P1030343

11/17/2012 Haselton Trail to Mt Mansfield
The Haselton Trail heads straight through the center of the Stowe Mountain Resort, and what I think to be, excellent for hunting season. The skies were bright and clear as we headed up, with the usual never ending sound of rushing water, and occasion ice. Upon breaking into the open, we donned our windbreakers, for what looked to be, unexpectedly ahead, snow squalls. After passing through the snow guns, we broke back into the sunshine. Passing a few inches of snow and snot, below the Nose, we lingered little, before a leisurely lunch break. We continued north on the Long Trail. Taking the Profanity Trail down, it was as its namesake, treacherously icy. The LT soon took us to Smugglers Notch and to where we started.
Trip Leader: Darryl Smith
Attendees: Phil Hazen, Robyn Albert, Lynda Hutchins, Bert Nubile, Denise Gumpper, Marcie Cohn and Marieta Warnstedt
11-17-2012 Haselton4

11-17-2012 Haselton3

11-17-2012 Haselton2

11-17-2012 Haselton1

11/10/12 Mt. Hunger and White Rocks
After the rainy Saturday’s we’ve had this fall, it was time for a dry one to hit the mountains! It was nearly picture perfect, no exaggeration. Most folks met at the Richmond P&R at 8:30, then headed south to meet Denise at the trailhead. We were the first in the lot so no worries on where to park. Headed out shortly after arriving and met no one (hunters included) the whole way to the Hunger/ White Rocks intersection. Made the decision to head to WR first, then come back to the junction, head to Hunger summit, then descent to cars. Most had not been to WR before; what a great little trail it is and what a pay off once we arrived. Mansfield was coated in snow, the top and the ski trails, which popped out so clear. But the real treat was “The Pressies”, as Mark calls them. It was pretty much a consensus that the Presidential Range in NH was as clear as anyone had ever seen. Just beautiful! We lingered for a bit viewing the scenery, hit the summit, then headed back to “the beach” on WR for our lunch. Yes, a large slab of rock just below the summit was dubbed so, even though no one brought their suntan lotion or bikini! Next time….. Headed back to the junction, then proceeded to Hunger. Before we could make the right hand turn, there were a few folks, both 2- and 4-legged making their way down. These were the first living creatures we had seen since we began. It was a huge string of folks after this to the summit. More great views from here. Headed down and ended up back at the trailhead mid-day to break into Mark’s bag of chips! (Oh, and how could I have forgotten the cookies at the junction!) Thank you, Mark, and thanks for a great day, everyone!
Trip Leader: Robynn Albert
Photo Credit: Phil Hazen
Hikers: Phil Hazen, Kathy Adams, Margaret Benn, Denise Gumpper, Lynda Hutchins, Mark Blanchard

10/28/2012 Worcester Range
After dropping a car at the Worcester Mountain end of the Skyline Trail, we returned to the Hunger/White Rock trail head to start our hike. Heading up the trail we forked left to the rocky expanse of White Rocks, described by one as like the top of a wedding cake. We continued onto Hunger Mountain, where we encountered a few hikers, the last we were to see on the trail. The Skyline Trail is only ten years old or so, and must resemble what the Long Trail looked like in the early days: narrow and unworn. The terrain was incredibly green for late October. All being strong hikers, we made excellent time, with brief stops at the viewpoints.
Trip Leader: Darryl Smith
Attendees: Annie Horton, Scott Chilstedt, David Hathaway
10-28-2012 Worcester

10/27/2012 – Mt. Abraham – into the Fog!
Hoping for a sneak preview of Sandy, we headed up the Battell trail to Mt. Abe and enjoyed warmer than expected but windy weather. The moisture was being driven up the south-eastern flank of the mountain and condensing before our eyes to make a local fog and cloud covering – but this immediately dissipated as it was carried over the summit. So, we enjoyed somewhat clear views to the north-west. Jean Cannon, Phil Hazen, Mary Keenan,Denise Gumpper; trip leader Ted Albers.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAbOqBE9oS4?rel=0&w=560&h=315]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4BE1WMq_G0?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

10/8/2012 – Bird Walk
The Columbus Day bird walk was supposed to be a Snow Goose Extravaganza – but the annual visit by thousands of Snow Geese is late this year. Trip leader Maeve Kim changed the focus of the outing to a search for migrating sparrows and other songbirds. Three of the five people who signed up for the trip showed up, undeterred by the early morning downpour. We were treated to a gorgeous day, a wonderful picnic lunch, and unusual numbers and diversity of birds – including one European bird that’s rare for Vermont! We spent time using spotting scopes to study birds at Shelburne Bay, walked the Ti-Haul Trail, and then took our scopes to Charlotte Town Beach. Trip participants were Corky Muldoon, Madeline Miles and Jean Cannon. Here’s the bird list:
Canada Goose
American Wigeon
Common Merganser
Common Loon
Double-crested Cormorant
Great Blue Heron
Greater Yellowlegs
Turkey Vulture
Lesser Black-backed Gull – a rare bird in Vermont!
Bonaparte’s Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Herring Gull
Belted Kingfisher
Hairy Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
Eastern Phoebe
Blue Jay
American Crow
Black-capped Chickadee
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Hermit Thrush
American Robin
Gray Catbird
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Song Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
Northern Cardinal
House Finch
Pine Siskin
American Goldfinch

10/7/2012 – Theron Dean Shelter
All but one canceled out because of heavy rain. The hike up to the Theron Dean Shelter was great dry trail nice weather nice views. When I arrived at the shelter there rain started. A rain jacket and water proof boots were important. The hike down went well but I would not suggest hiking in the rain. Attendees: Lee Wrigley. Trip Leader: Lee Wrigley!

9/16/12 Cantilever Rock
This hike was held a day after there were several accidents on Mt. Mansfield but we had no problems. It was a beautiful day and five people made it up to the rock. A planned cook out was cancelled because there was little interest in it. Participants: Lee and Katie Wrigley, Ormund and Leslie Mongeon, Barbara, Dot Myer-Leader

9/15/12 Hike to Mt. Ellen…. that got adjusted to Glen Ellen Lodge as the weather took its time clearing so we shortened the hike. We had nine hikers: Carol Hignite, Karen Weissenstein, Jean Cannon, Steve from CA, Margaret Benn, Denise Gumpper, Nancy Wright, Kristen Lang and Mary Keenan – leader. We headed up the Jerusalem Trail checking out some late summer flowers – Asters, Jewelweed and berries from Jack-in-the-pulpit. Once we reached the Long Trail we decided to check out how the rebuilt of the Glen Ellen Lodge was going. We met 2 of the guys working on the lodge and they showed us an old photograph of the original lodge. After enjoying lunch around the fire and chatting with the guys it was time to let them get back to work. They projected it would take around 5 weeks to finish the lodge. Here’s a few pictures with the floor and bunks ripped out and the lodge jacked up. Everyone found it interesting to see what goes into rebuilding the lodge. We headed back down the Jerusalem Trail noticing a few turning leaves and a hint of Fall in the air.

9/9/12 – Honey Hollow Botany Walk
12 participants. The forecast was a bit iffy, but the front came ferociously and quickly on the night before, and cleared out nicely by Sunday morning. The weather was cool and sunny. The state had recently mowed the trail, which gave us a wide dry path to walk with all the plants and flowers along the edge, which worked out well. Our plan was to walk at half-speed, and take 4 hours for the loop, and we met that time almost exactly. We parked along River Road at the trailhead, and hiked up (south) on the Honey Hollow Trail / Catamount Trail. We followed the Catamount Trail onto a smaller logging road, until eventually we came to the second big logging road. We followed that downhill to the Honey Hollow Road. We took the road down to the River Road, and back to the cars. We had people that knew something about each of ferns, wildflowers, and trees, so we could all teach each other things as we walked. (There were very few mushrooms, which worked out well, since I don’t think any of us knew mushrooms!) In September, the wildflowers include a lot of asters and goldenrods, and they were certainly a lot of what we saw. We also searched for a 10 foot tall ‘Tall Blue Lettuce’, but did not find any taller than 9.5’. This was one of those hikes where everything worked out about as well as it could be hoped – a really excellent outing for those interested in the botany of the area. – Mary Keenan, Elaine Minadeo, Andrew Pedersen, Lelia Pedersen, Danielle Graham, Maury Kost, Phyllis Rubenstein, Chuck Bond, Judy Bond, Maveret McClellan, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen, Leader

9/8/2012 Jay Pass to Journeys End
The three of us meet at Jay Pass, where two continued on to drop a car at the Journeys End trail head; before returning to catch up. The skies were heavily overcast, with afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast. We caught up shortly after an inhospitable Jay Peak, of fog and wind. We lingered little, except for lunch at Shooting Star Shelter and photos at Journeys End. We made it back to Jay Pass as the skies opened up.
Trip Leader: Darryl Smith
Attendees: Tomoko Nakajima and Jeanne
9-8-2012 Jay JE3

9-8-2012 Jay JE2

9-8-2012 Jay JE1

9/3/12 – Hike up Mt. Abraham via Battell Trail
Thirteen seemed like a lucky number on Labor Day. That is how many people hiked up Battell Trail in Lincoln to the top of Mt. Abraham and made it back down – without incident. We couldn’t have asked for a more lovely hiking day – pleasant temperatures, a mix of sun and clouds and a slight breeze at the top to dry off our damp shirts. The group consisted of very experienced hikers, so we made good time. Some of us stopped for creemees after we all got into separate vehicles at Hinesburg Park and Ride.
Jean Cannon, Jackie Heloise, Bruce Bassett, Peter Cottrell, Ted Albers, Lou Anne Nielsen, Christian Nielsen, Phil Hazen, Kathy Adams, Faith Bieler, Debbie Page, Steve Page, Trip Leader: Sheri Larsen
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AqQ0HhGv3w?rel=0]