LT Mile 98.0 — Division 6 — Elev. 2200 ft

The Fred Tucker lodge is a comfortable cabin with stove and bunks for 12, built by the LT Patrol in 1938, as a memorial to the late Fred H. Tucker of Boston, long a valued member of the Board of Trustees. [GB 12th Edition 1940]

This frame cabin, which is maintained by the Killington Section, has bunks for 12 to 16. Water 200 ft to the southwest. [GB 17th Edition 1963]

October 2, 1937, Special Trustees Meeting. In the afternoon the trustees walked to the New Fred Tucker lodge, a mile north on the Trail, and near good water. They found an attractive and commodious building. with four large bunks inside, capable of accommodating a maximum of 16 people. and a loft above which might hold as many more. The stove. for heating and cooking, has its oven in the pipe, above the stove. The building is constructed with cobble stone foundation, and above the imitation log siding of Georgia cypress. The interior is finished with pine from North Carolina and Oregon. [LT News, Nov. 1937]

16 broken lights need replacing, the stove is in bad shape with a warped top making cooking difficult. [LT News, Feb. 1953]

Plans are for the rebuilding of the foundation, the repair of the upper windows and the rebuilding of the annex in 1962. [LT News. May 1962]

March 27, 1971, this lodge was burned by a group of Killington Section members to prevent possible accidents and misuse of this shelter. [LTN May 1971]

Tucker Lodge - Late 1930's
Tucker Lodge – Late 1930’s
Burning of Tucker Lodge, 1971
Burning of Tucker Lodge, 1971