Mile 6.0 — Division 10 — Elev. 2300 ft

Tent platforms are provided, and small wood fires are permitted in the established fire places. The water supply is a brook 0.2 mile south via the LT. [GB 24th Edition 1996] On August 25, 1996, the Burlington Section, other GMC’ers and friends recognized Roland Boucher. a dedicated trail maintainer, by dedicating this tenting area to his memory. Roland became involved in maintaining the LT upon his retirement to Underhill, Vt, in 1986. From 1988 until his death in 1995, he tended to all of the Sections blazing needs so work parties could concentrate on trail maintenance projects.

He also carried his clippers to brush out the trail on his many trips to Mt. Mansfield. He also was a noted rare flowers photographer. [LTN Winter 1996] The Burlington Section and the VT. Dept. of Forest, Parks, and Recreation redesigned and reconstructed this site during the summer of1997. It is open while work was being completed. It should accommodate larger groups and greater numbers of people. It now is the premier tenting opportunity on Mt. Mansfield. [LTN Fall 1997]