Hadsel-Mares Cabin, 2018
Hadsel-Mares Cabin, 2018

Nestled in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom on the shore of Wheeler Pond are GMC’s two rustic rental cabins, Hadsel-Mares and Beaver Dam. The cabins have hosted countless adventures and celebrations in the 14 years we have owned them.

The camps came to GMC through Chris Hadsel and Bill Mares, club members who graciously donated the camps in 2004. Hundreds of people have since enjoyed the serenity of the pond, stunning mountain views, and nearby hiking trails on their visits.

Ironically, the beavers for which Beaver Dam Camp is named raised the level of Wheeler Pond and the cabin’s foundation posts began to slowly tilt toward the water. In the spring of 2016 the cabin was deemed unsafe and was closed.

The GMC Camps Committee, with help from Land Stewardship Coordinator Mollie Flanigan, decided after much discussion that building a new cabin would be the best use of resources. The GMC Board approved replacing the cabin at its January meeting.

Committee members Matt Wels and Chad Forcier donated their building and architectural expertise to design and estimate costs for a simple cabin that will fit the landscape nicely. Once Beaver Dam Camp is taken down and removed, the new cabin will be rebuilt further from the shoreline, just behind the site of the old camp. [LTN Spring 2018]