Wyanoki Hut, 1925
Wyanoki Hut, 1925

Wyanokie Lodge was built by Professor Will S. Monroe, president of the New York Section of the Green Mountain Club, in Northern New Jersey near West Milford. 

The Lodge served as a clubhouse for the New York Section and was a center for nature study, botany, outdoor instruction, and an annual bird census in cooperation with the United States Biological Survey. Monroe also established a fern garden here, as the region was particularly rich for ferns.

Around the lodge, Green Mountain Club volunteers laid-out and maintained over forty miles of trails.  The trails were marked with white blazes and metal signs, and became the location of regular walks called “nature guidance outings” which were intended to mix the natural sciences with outdoor recreation.

The Lodge burned in 1932. The Green Mountain Club stated their intention of rebuilding it, but there is no record that this was ever done.

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