Since no young adventurers joined me, this was an adventure for one and turned into a trail run. In five miles and about an hour and half I covered all but the .2 mile trail to the beach. The Double Dog Leg loop borders the property and well worn herd paths to residential buildings confused me and parking lots filled my peripheral vision. But the East Loop quickly drops into woods lush enough to allow me to forget I was in South Burlington. This trail also hosts the lichen ledges which were worth stopping to stare at. I enjoyed both lake outlooks. The trails were wide and accessible and the terrain was ambling. A steep section of loose rocks leading to the western outlook was the most challenging section and easily navigable. Many young children and advanced hikers were sighted on this outing, confirming that this would be a good location for a group family outings. Parking is plentiful. Sole participant: Corinn Julow.