Six adults and six children started this short hike at 10:15am. After weeks of on again, off again
rain and temperate weather preventing a frozen ground, the trail was a continuous mud puddle
interrupted by boardwalks and the occasional higher ground. The group barely seemed to
notice. Three young boys, ranging from three to five years, preferred the mud choosing to walk
beside the boardwalks and squeal in delight at the squishy, squelching sounds of the mud trying
to steal a boot. Parents ambled through the foggy morning and conversation flowed freely.

The group took a short break at the shore of Lake Champlain. The high water level obscured the
usual rock beach but little hands still found logs and shells and enjoyed throwing them into the

On the return trip many snacked as they walked. Games were played to encourage tired feet to
keep walking and reluctant feet to keep moving. After only two tumbles and with all boots
accounted for, everyone returned to the parking area at 11:45am.

Corinn Julow, leader